Nominated for the 2016 EyeEm Photography Awards. Yes, Me.

How would it feel? You secretly wish it when you start out in a field of your choice and passion, to get recognition, to win awards, to be known among the world's best and it happens so soon. I must say this year has been going on a jet speed for me, so many features and projects and then comes the nomination for an International photography awards function, top 20 among 2,70,000 photographs and 35,000 photographers.

Early this month I got a mail from EyeEm , to send in a high resolution version of one of my pictures with a description for it and that I am in running for top 100 photographers to be nominated in different categories for photography awards and an official invitation to visit them in Berlin on the award night, and to keep mum till they announce it officially.

Finally it has been surfaced and I have been placed under the photojournalism category. Check out the link below to have a look at the nominations.

List of finalists for the photojournalism category.

Do comment on which ones do you like the most and which one do you predict would win, it's exactly one suspenseful month away on August 27.

PS: Click on the photo at the top to view the finalists from all the categories, they are just an amazing bunch of gobblesmackers.