Debasmita & Prasanna's PreWedding Shoot.

So I received a message at 3 in the morning if I would be up for a pre-wedding shoot of friends connected through 3 degrees. Staying at home because of a severe ankle sprain I wasn't taking assignments but it was quite sometime since I had done a couple shoot and was getting really bored otherwise, I met Debasmita the same day.  She is an amazing chirpy bright girl, who also happens to be a doctor,  the coolest part was that she told me straight away that she doesn't want any cheesy pictures of holding hands and forced poses. Prasanna, her fiance, who also is a doctor and her college senior is from Karnataka while Debasmita is from Bengal. She frequently referred to him as 'Sir' which was quite funny and instantly reminded me of a beautiful film and song 'To Sir with Love'.  They had this theme in mind of '3 States' in mind as the third state, U.P. is where they met and are staying in, so a prominent Lucknow motif had to be in place, and what better than the Imaambada. 

Once I got to know that Debasmita was a dasher in school, we just had to confirm it by running her around in those beautiful galleries. She calls these her 'P.T. Usha pics'. :)

while we were taking pictures we ran into some moral policing because taking good pictures is somehow offensive while taking random snap shots is somehow okay with the society. This did dampen our mood and made the couple uncomfortable during the day for no fault of theirs but in the end we are happy that we almost got what we went there for and will remember the day through the pictures. I will be adding more of their pictures on my Facebook page and wish a very enthusiastic life ahead as they already have.