Reunion of AFMC 'I' in Lucknow '17



Welcome to the gallery of memories that we all shared for three days here in Lucknow. At the start, I would like to thank everyone for allowing me to be a part of your experience and absorbing the spirit of friendship and family in a different perspective. I have tried to capture your stay and journey here to the best of my understanding. I hope you guys enjoy it and any criticism is happily welcomed.


The Arrival.

Arrival at The Renaissance Lucknow.


An evening with Surendra Sharma.


The evening where we got to witness the memories of '68 all the way to last year's reunion, got scolded by Mr. Surendra Sharma for taking his pictures and getting a lesson or two about of culture.


A Stroll in the city.

A city with so much history, and camaraderie, and an apt place for old friends to meet. Here are the pictures to the day where the numbers of strollers decreased by the day. :)



The Qawwali Night.

Still remember the sound of 'ghungroo" in your sleep? Yes we all have been scarred for life. Jokes apart it was a fun night especially with Mr. Randhawa's dance and the lovely cosy evening.


Lunch at Lebua.

Sunny day, serene violin, photobooth, fun games, what more could we have asked for.


Music, laugh and dance.